great lakes container servicesWelcome to Great Lakes Container Services

Great Lakes Container Services offers a range of standard and specialist ISO equipment to provide innovative and creative purchase and lease solutions to shipping project cargo and personal effects around the world.

Standard Dry Vans, High Cubes, Open Tops, Flat Racks and Reefers are available throughout Asia, Europe, North America and all are supplied certified CSC Plated and Cargo Worthy for shipping.

Dry Vans and High Cubes ­ Available in 20′ and 40′ lengths for general cargo.

Open Tops ­ Come in 20′ and 40′ lengths and are supplied complete with tilt, TIR Wire and a full set of roof bows for heavy and out-sized cargo.

Flat Racks ­ come in 20′ and 40′ lengths for all over height or width cargo.

Reefers ­ Available in 20′ and 40′ lengths, and electric or diesel electric systems. All have a full PTI and run from +20 degrees to -20 degrees.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the various options available to you.

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