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While it most certainly appears that Sky TV, Phone and Broadband are all fan favourites in the UK and Ireland, most recently Sky is being noted as taking over in another form as well; that of which is free Sky Apps!

While apps are increasingly popular and on the rise in our world, and with the addition that more young children are being allowed to watch and play games on them; it only makes sense that Sky would jump on board and develop a few of their own for their customers to take advantage of as well. One of the newest and one destined to become a trusted favourite to Sky’s customers who are parents is the recently developed Sky Kid’s app! This new Sky Kid’s app is available to current Sky customers and it in turns brings countless popular kid’s shows directly to any compatible Smartphone or Tablet device, and wherever you may find yourself! While Sky has maintained the Sky Go app which allows little ones to access their favourite TV shows before, this latest app was created specifically with children in mind and boasts that it ensure that the content your child is watching, is suitable for their eyes and entertainment; offering only age-appropriate programmes.

A tremendous amount of research and testing has been conducted on the new Sky Kid’s app and Sky boasts that the innovative new app for children has literally been build from the ground up by the same team that brought the Monument Valley game to the world. The Sky Kid’s app has been colourfully designed to entice children to want to utilize and parents can trust that if they are allowing their children to utilize that app to take in their favourite shows in another room perhaps, that their children will not end up straying from the safe show to accidentally clicking on another that they are not permitted to be watching.

The Sky Kid’s app is perfect for families with multiple children as well who are seeking to take advantage of the app as well. As when the app is set up, your child can pick and choose their own unique avatar, called Sky Buddy, which will assist walk your child through each channel to allow them to pick the television show of their desire. In fact, at no time with the help of Sky Buddy will your child feel lost or overwhelmed when it comes to picking the show of their choice! And best of all, all of the top children’s channels have selected to allow their channels to be used within the app as well, including but not limited to: Nick Jr., Boomerang and even Cartoon Network! Here’s Sky telephone number if you have inquiries.

Perhaps the only two downsides to the great new Sky Kid’s app, is that is can only be used in places where WiFi is available and that downloads, at this time, are just not available. Though Sky has noted that they are currently working to change the issue of providing downloading opportunities at this time and that they may in fact be available in the near future.

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